Tuesday, March 3, 2015

There Came an Echo out now! Also, more art!

My first large scale project working at Iridium Studios has finally launched! 
There Came an Echo has been out for a week, and I just wanted to say that I
am super proud of my team and the product we put out. The game centers around
voice recognition as it's main format of game play. This has been the main point
of contention amongst many people. The fact of the matter, (and you can read several
reviews out there) is that they work! Obviously, with the vast amount of different
audio and computer gear out there, some hiccups will arise. Iridium has been taking
care of all the concerns out there in a very transparent manner. I hope everyone
is enjoying this fresh take on games, and the way that they can be played. I believe 
There Came an Echo opens up the doors for many people who otherwise cannot enjoy
the magic that is playing video games!
Check it out here! There Came an Echo on Steam!

 Thanks! I'll shut up now, and post some art!

TCAE's protagonists!

Story illustration

Miranda and Syll having a discussion
Some non TCAE art!

I saw The Thing on the big screen recently, and was 
inspired to draw something!

I continue my Final Fantasy Bestiary series with
Malboro! I used Zbrush to do the base sculpt, then
I import the render passes to Photoshop for color.

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