Sunday, March 30, 2014

Face Jumper and Forgotten Dragon

Another update?! Crazy.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

There Came an Echo News and Misc. Drawings!

Hi everybody! Been doing some cool stuff since I last posted.
Just came back from GDC in San Francisco where I met many awesome folks in the industry and scored an awesome WOW artbook from Blizzard.

There Came an Echo is coming along nicely, now including UI elements
that totally make it look like a real game now! We will be showing
it off at PAX East next month along with a new trailer that shows off most of the gameplay elements in the game.  If you are attending please stop by and say hi! We are giving away some cool swag for those who can answer some video game trivia.

I also did a promo piece for the game to be shown off at PAX East and will
probably post it up here at that time. I know all 5 of you are looking forward
to it  :P

Now I leave you with a few personal drawings I've done on short breaks here and there.