Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Long Time No See!

It's been a while! Many things have happened since I last updated.

For starters, There Came an Echo is nearing its one year anniversary! (time flies!)
I've since worked on a few freelance projects, one of them being, Failsafe
an adventure game focusing on parkour mechanics and fast traversal in a
mysterious underground world. Sadly, the Kickstarter campaign that went along
with this project failed. The  game is continuing development so you might see some
of my work on it still!

I've done several personal drawings as well. Please check em out on my
Deviant Art page. I'm in the process of creating an official website which
I will link here when it is up. I'll leave you with this Chrono Trigger fan art.
Thanks, and if you need to get in contact this blog or Deviant art are good places to do so!