Thursday, June 16, 2016

Blog Inactivity and Future!

Hi everyone! If you found this by searching for my name, thanks! I just opened up a new website and will most likely stop updating this blog. Please visit  NOE-LEYVA.COM for my most recent work. My official portfolio site is a bit more curated to have my best work. If you want to follow me on social media I update that more frequently.

Main portfolio site:

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Thanks for the support!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Long Time No See!

It's been a while! Many things have happened since I last updated.

For starters, There Came an Echo is nearing its one year anniversary! (time flies!)
I've since worked on a few freelance projects, one of them being, Failsafe
an adventure game focusing on parkour mechanics and fast traversal in a
mysterious underground world. Sadly, the Kickstarter campaign that went along
with this project failed. The  game is continuing development so you might see some
of my work on it still!

I've done several personal drawings as well. Please check em out on my
Deviant Art page. I'm in the process of creating an official website which
I will link here when it is up. I'll leave you with this Chrono Trigger fan art.
Thanks, and if you need to get in contact this blog or Deviant art are good places to do so!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

There Came an Echo out now! Also, more art!

My first large scale project working at Iridium Studios has finally launched! 
There Came an Echo has been out for a week, and I just wanted to say that I
am super proud of my team and the product we put out. The game centers around
voice recognition as it's main format of game play. This has been the main point
of contention amongst many people. The fact of the matter, (and you can read several
reviews out there) is that they work! Obviously, with the vast amount of different
audio and computer gear out there, some hiccups will arise. Iridium has been taking
care of all the concerns out there in a very transparent manner. I hope everyone
is enjoying this fresh take on games, and the way that they can be played. I believe 
There Came an Echo opens up the doors for many people who otherwise cannot enjoy
the magic that is playing video games!
Check it out here! There Came an Echo on Steam!

 Thanks! I'll shut up now, and post some art!

TCAE's protagonists!

Story illustration

Miranda and Syll having a discussion
Some non TCAE art!

I saw The Thing on the big screen recently, and was 
inspired to draw something!

I continue my Final Fantasy Bestiary series with
Malboro! I used Zbrush to do the base sculpt, then
I import the render passes to Photoshop for color.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Hi everyone! I've been busy working on TCAE in the last months. We are actually getting ready to launch next month! I've been working on getting together all the concept art for the game in order to produce a concept design book based on There Came an Echo.

2015 is shaping up to be one of my craziest years ever. I hope you all have a great year and enjoy playing the game the fine folks at Iridium and I, have been developing with much love.

Here is the most recent trailer. I will update with a new one that should hit pretty soon!

...and now for some art!

Been in a Final Fantasy kick lately! Perhaps SquareEnix is finally winning
me over with FF15....mayyyyyyybe.

...aaaand a few more drawings not FF related.

Monday, September 1, 2014

New Art Post!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates on my blog. 
I've been quite busy working on There Came an Echo at Iridium Studios and a lot has happened since my last update.
For starters, TCAE has hit its alpha stage, meaning that it is possible to play the game from beginning to end. Of course, there are still many things to be done to make it an even better experience. On my end of things, "polish" is the key word. I'm gonna be doing a lot of that from now until the game ships. It is a lot of work (with everything being hand drawn), but also loads of fun.
I'll share one promo image from TCAE, and hopefully some more in game assets/concept art soon.

I also got to attend E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) for the first time, and it was a great experience. I hope to be able to attend from now on! 

I sometimes get a few minutes here and there to do some personal work. Here is what I have been up to for the last few months!
This is a banner image I made for use on....something..>.>

A re-imagining of Zelda after a new one was announced during E3.
This is a desert planet environment art. the idea was that this is
just a fly-by planet, or rather a interstellar-travel-by planet.
Cosmic titan speedpaint!

Deep sea creature speedpaint!

Loved the new Planet of the Apes movie. I just
had to draw Koba!

Also, can we get a new Hellboy movie already?!

Thanks! I will update on a new post regarding a cool project I participated in.



Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Late post! There Came an Echo banner and more!

Sorry for the late post! (recovering a password can be tough!)
We had a pretty successful PAX East in Boston, where we showcased
There Came an Echo in playable form for the first time! Seeing the Kickstarter backers enjoy the game was great! I did this piece to be printed as a banner. 

These are some speedpaints I've been doing on my spare time.

Follow me on Facebook! Sometimes my art will go up there first! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Face Jumper and Forgotten Dragon

Another update?! Crazy.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

There Came an Echo News and Misc. Drawings!

Hi everybody! Been doing some cool stuff since I last posted.
Just came back from GDC in San Francisco where I met many awesome folks in the industry and scored an awesome WOW artbook from Blizzard.

There Came an Echo is coming along nicely, now including UI elements
that totally make it look like a real game now! We will be showing
it off at PAX East next month along with a new trailer that shows off most of the gameplay elements in the game.  If you are attending please stop by and say hi! We are giving away some cool swag for those who can answer some video game trivia.

I also did a promo piece for the game to be shown off at PAX East and will
probably post it up here at that time. I know all 5 of you are looking forward
to it  :P

Now I leave you with a few personal drawings I've done on short breaks here and there. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


First post of the new year! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013